Different Supports For Different Types Of Flowers


Have you ever noticed how beautiful some gardens are and why the blending of different types of flowers are significant for creating such beauty?  Plants that will remain in an upright position look better than those that either trail down, covering other plants or have a tendency to droop.  In many cases, gardeners use support systems for flowers.  The different kinds of supports will vary depending on a particular plant or flower.

There are different times when using supports are good ideas.

When you first plant a particular flower – supports will be used if the type of flower has a habit of drooping when first planted.

Once a flower starts growing – supports are used when a flower starts to grow and starts losing its ability to stand up straight.

Rainfall or additional height – support will be utilized if a plant, at some point, becomes too tall to stand up straight or the gardener has experienced exceptionally heavy rainfall causing plants to fall over.

Types Of Flower Supports:

There are many different supports available but these are the most popular:

The Ring Style Support:

This support is designed with 3 to 4 rods that stand straight up and are connected by circular rings.  These rings are what actually hold the plant in place and support the flower.  The ring style support works best when a plant is first planted or are really small in size.  Once the flower starts growing the rings will support it.

Ring style supports come in different sizes including the single ring, double rings at the same height, and multiple single rings where the rings are at different heights. Before choosing which will work best, consider the size and height of your flower.  The taller the flower, the more rings will be required.

The Grid Style Support:

This support is similar to the ring style support with 3 to 4 rods that stands straight up.  The biggest difference is at the top of the support which has a grid vs an open circular ring.  The grid system offers more support than the rings.  This support should also be put in place while the plant is still relatively small.

The Linked Stakes:

These stakes look like your regular variety stake but have curved arms located at the top of.  Its loop is really useful as the plant’s stalk can lean against the loop without having to tie the flower in place.  Curved stakes can be used for just about any plant you feel needs additional support.  These stakes can also be placed before hand or once the plant starts growing.

The Stem Support With Gathering Rings:

This type of support also looks like stakes with a small ring at the top.  The ring has a small opening on one side so you can place the stem of the flower into the ring.  This is an excellent choice for supporting plants that are very tall and have large flowers.  Larger plants with larger flowers have a tendency to tip over when in bloom.

Another reason for supports, there are some plants that have a weak stem system and need added support, especially if it’s windy.

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