Design Details That Transform Your Modern Kitchen


When it comes to creating a modern kitchen design, there’s definitely lots to think about: starting from the layout of the space and the colour palette to use, up until choosing which appliances and worktop surfaces that would best suit your needs.

In addition to these major decisions, there are also lesser known details you should think about— most of which can make a huge impact to the overall look and feel of your kitchen area. With that in mind, here are some design details that can seamlessly transform your cook space:

The Waterfall Effect

Opting to integrate a waterfall effect on an island, can certainly add a dramatic statement. This look can be achieved by simply continuing the worktop surface downwards, so it ‘cascades’ to the floor. Waterfall islands create a clean and sleek vibe that’s suited for traditional and modern kitchens alike.

Drawers and Organisers

Making sure that you have sufficient storage space for all your utensils is really important. This makes your kitchen a lot safer and convenient when everything has their own storage unit.

However, having large drawers is still not enough as the insides can also be cluttered. The solution? drawer and cabinet inserts. These organisers are designed to easily fit inside deeper drawers. It allows you to store all your cutlery, knives, spices, and other kitchen supplies in a neat way. Now you won’t have to rummage each time you need something.

Integrate LED lights

LED is easily becoming more and more popular in kitchen design. They’re very versatile and can be installed anywhere in your kitchen as downlights, uplights, and even as an accent lighting. They can certainly boost the overall vibe of any room and they’re great for creating an atmosphere elegance and drama. Take this photo for instance, by placing LED lights underneath the kitchen island, it creates an illusion of a ‘floating’ unit.

Creating Balance and Symmetry

We, as human beings, are generally attracted to symmetrical patterns, shapes, and forms. However, it’s rarely possible to attain total symmetry when it comes to the kitchen area— but if you have enough space and time to plan out everything, then definitely create a space that features visual balance. This projects a sense of calm and order to your home.

Convenient Pop-up Sockets 

Ease of use is essential in any kitchen, and an easy way of accomplishing this is by installing adequate amount of power sockets in convenient areas. Here’s one clever and safe way to do just that: pop-up sockets and usb chargers. These things go a long way to making your kitchen a multi-purpose area. It smoothly retracts back into the worktop after use, so they’ll never spoil your kitchen’s clean aesthetic.

Use these design details the next time you plan on revamping your kitchen area! Also, let us know which one is your favourite.


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