Decoration, the best door repair hack


The first thing someone notices when coming to your residence is your entrance door. We all want to make a good first impression, so it would be a great idea to decorate your old, boring door. It isn’t unusual for your doors to get damaged, but you don’t need to buy a new one, there are few tricks you can apply to repair them by decoration.

Stickers for glass

The glass is a very sensitive material and it can be scratched very easily. The way to repair them but also to decorate them is with glass stickers. There are many options out there, depending on your taste you can have classic stickers like frosted glass or more colorful, and with versatile patterns. If you have kids and would like to impress them, there are many stickers with their favorite cartoon characters. They are very easy to apply if you are a patient person, but we suggest you call a professional who will finish the job quick and efficient. There are many cool looking glass stickers and if you don’t have an idea which one to use, here are some suggestions.

Stickers for wood

Many of us used sticker cards as a child onto our doors, later trying to get them off and living permanent marks on the door which we can’t get rid of. One thing we could do to repair such an issue is to just put new ones that are meant for wooden door use. There are awesome 3D murals that can give your home an interesting look, a twist in your interior. It can also be a focal point in your room. For example a 3D mural of bookshelves and accessories, or stairs leading to the next level. Top Door Repair Vancouver can help you out if your door has a bigger damage, and then you can apply the idea you had. For those enthusiasts who want to learn the advanced way to cover your door with a wallpaper or sticker, click here.

Other designs

If you know any artist, you can hire them to paint over the damage of your door. A great thing about this idea is that the artist can paint any symbol you like, a portrait or just a simple emblem design. Some people like to paint themselves, or with friends or kids, to have something to remind them of working together. If you are one of these people we recommend doing some research about details. Choosing a right paint is a must, you don’t want it to peel away after a month. Glossy paints are usually used for painting doors, also, you should never use oil paint over latex paint. Cleaning the door with a wet rag and using sandpaper to remove the flaws is something you should do before starting. You should start with painting the whole door with background color then work on your idea. There are many guides on how to execute it perfectly, you can check one of them here. You will need some time to prepare, but the whole process won’t take more than a day.

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