Customised Shed Solutions to Suit your Needs


Many Australian homeowners who require additional space are turning to the modern steel shed, as it is much more affordable than building an extension onto the home, and with any design possible, you can have the perfect outbuilding. Galvanised steel provides all the protection you need, and with non-corrosive properties, it is ideal for the harsh Australian climate. The panels and the frame are fabricated from galvanised steel, and with zinc plated bolts, you have a maintenance free solution that will stand the test of time.

Unlimited Design Options

The word “standard” is no longer used with the latest generation of customised sheds, and any height, width, or length can be accommodated into the design. If you make contact with the right supplier, there are no limitations as to the design of the structure, with a choice of roller shutter or side opening doors, and you can add as many skylights as you need to give adequate daytime lighting. If you’re shopping around for custom sheds in Melbourne, there is an Australian owned company that has been supplying steel sheds and outbuildings to the local community for 25 years, and with a solid reputation for both quality and affordability, you really can’t go wrong.

Wide Range of Colours

Of course, you want the shed to blend in with the surroundings, and with more than 20 colours to choose from, this isn’t an issue. Top quality steel is always used in every component, and the unit can be designed specifically to fit a selected area, no matter how irregular the shape.

Comprehensive Service

You might be handy around the house and would like to erect the shed yourself, and in that case, the supplier would fabricate the structure to your specifications and it would be delivered in kit form. Easy to follow instructions enable most people to easily build the unit, providing you have built a suitable concrete base beforehand.  On the other hand, you might require the supplier to handle every aspect of the project, which would include obtaining the necessary permit from the local authority, creating the base, and a full installation.

Full Warranty on All Units

The supplier would be very confident of their products and workmanship, and this would be reflected in the long warranty. If the shed is erected according to instructions, and the base is as recommended, there really isn’t anything that can go wrong. These units will last for many years, and as the shed was designed to perfectly suit your needs, you can enjoy a few decades of trouble free use, and should there ever be an issue, they would be happy to sort it out.

Modern steel sheds are more than a match for even the harsh Australian climate, and whether you require an extra garage for vehicle storage, or a workshop for your new hobby, a custom built shed will give you an affordable and long lasting structure that is ideal for your needs.

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