Contemporary Interiors Must Have Updated Modern Ceiling Fans


While the air-conditioners have managed to creep into the lives of consumers born with silver spoon, the major chunk of home owners still rely on ceiling fans. The reasons for ceiling fans not getting scrapped out of the market lie mainly in two facts – first, the weather conditions in the home location do not require air-conditioner, and second, the homeowner may not be in the position to install such costly appliance in all the rooms. Whatever the reason is, ceiling fans sellers have managed to stay in the business.

Interiors of the house these days have become more of a status symbol than a means to make the environs of the home habitable. In such scenario, ceiling fans cannot afford to stand out like a sore thumb amongst other home décor pieces with great aesthetic value. As a result, there are a number of changes found to have taken place in the looks of the ceiling fans with changing times. Here are a few of the updations that modern ceiling fans have gone through:

  1. Oversized ceiling fans

Luxury houses mean high rise ceilings and very spacious rooms on a very basic note. Rooms in such houses cannot be cooled with a skimpy fan with small blade size. It not only looks out of place, but also is not able to serve the function of moving the air inside the room sufficiently. Thus, rooms for modern luxurious homes look best with the oversized ceiling fans having long rods and larger blade sizes.

  1. Number of fan blades

There is a misconception that the number of blades determines the air moving capacity of the ceiling fan, when in all actuality blade shape and aerodynamic design, pitch, and the RPM’s of the ceiling fan determine airflow more than the number of fan blades.

Contemporary ceiling fans can have as little as one blade, and as many as nine blades. Houses with more room space requires fans that have better capacity in terms of moving more volumes of air, but rather than focus on the number of blades, look only to the cubic per minute of airflow (CFM) rating of the ceiling fan. Find a modern design that you like and then compare the CFM rating to other models to see if it will move enough airflow for your need. 7,000 CFMs are usually good for medium sizes spaces, whereas larger areas may require 8,500 CFMs or more.

  1. Fans with extended blade span

 If you study the topic, ‘The Benefits of Oversized Ceiling Fans with Large Blade Spans’, you will find that the modern ceiling fans are being designed with blade spans measuring 60” to as high as 90”. Such fans with extended blade span are ideal for rooms that have high rise ceilings or high reaching walls.

  1. Fans with ethereal looks

 Ceiling fans of modern times have moved up to the title of designer fans. The desire to make the home décor items as well as appliances suitable for the modern look of the homes has been an important factor in encouraging designers to experiment with unconventional looks. Thus, you may find ceiling fans with designer light bulbs, or with blades that have something unique about them.

Sometimes, even if the room is uber spacious, the ceiling fan is given the job of airing smaller portion of the room as per the look planned. Vendors like Modern Fan Outlet can provide fans that are ideal for achieving certain looks. So, yes, updates have taken place in ceiling fans because of contemporary housing styles where looks are planned in advance, guaranteeing more life to the interior.


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