Choosing the Right Home Heating Systems


Keeping warm when the temperature plummets can be difficult.  Unless you never need to worry about money then you will need to consider the financial cost of the various home heating systems versus the need to stay warm.  It is a constant balancing act which can change on a daily basis.

In order to ensure you have the best home heating systems in your home it is important to consider the different methods of heating your home.  You will then be able to choose the one which will be most effective at warming your home whilst keeping your costs to a minimum.

It is also important to seek some professional help to ensure you are getting the best possible assistance with your purchase.  Contacting Viva Home Comfort will help you to get the right advice and make the correct decision for your home.

The different home heating systems available are:

Forced Air

A forced air heating system can run from a variety of different heating sources.  Natural gas, oil, electricity and even propane can be used to power the furnace.  This then generates heat which can be pushed round the home through vents to warm each room.  The vents can be controlled to direct the heat to specific rooms.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat systems simply radiate heat.  This can be through radiators on the walls through which you pump hot water.  However, the most popular method is generally considered to be under floor heating.  This usually involves installing water pipes under the floor and pumping water through them.  Obviously the water must be hot and this can be heated by your furnace and pumped round.  The alternative is to use a thermal pump and the heat of the soil.

Steam radiant

This is an alternative option to the standard approach for radiant heating.  It works in the same way as pumping hot water through radiators or under floor pipes.  However, instead of pushing water, it pushes steam through the system.  This gradually cools and returns to a liquid form to be reheated and move round the system again.  

All forms of radiant heat can also be powered by a stove if required.


Hydronic heating is a fairly new way of heating although it works on the same basis as the under floor heating or water filled radiators.  This type of heating system has boards which run round the bottom of the walls in each room of the house.  Inside the boards you will find tubes which carry hot water through the boards and heat the entire house through radiant heat.  

The boards ensure that every part of the pipes will generate heat and this can be dissipated to the whole house effectively.


Heat pumps are still a relatively new addition to the heating world.  Unlike a furnace you simply need to run hundreds of meters of pipe several meters under the ground.  Water is pumped through the pipes and heated by the thermal heat under the ground.  A reverse pump will take this warm water and move it into the house.  As it circulates the warm water will warm your home.

Once you have discovered the different possibilities you simply need to choose the right system for your needs.

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