Choosing the Right Gas Fire for Your Home


Installing a gas fire into your home is a smart choice. They are clean, efficient, and look great as a centrepiece in any room. More importantly, they will keep you very warm in winter! But choosing the correct gas fire for your needs is very important. Here are some of the options to look for when choosing your gas fire that will best suit your home:

Balanced Flue

Sometimes called closed combustion gas fires, these are efficient, modern appliances that are connected to outside of your building through a concentric flue. The way it works is that air is drawn from outside for combustion, and waste gases are also expelled to the outside through a flue. The flue is connected to the top of the fire and inserted through a wall to the outside, which is good if you can install it to have access to the outside through the wall.


These gas fires require no flue or chimney system, so these means that no heat is lost, especially when the fire is not on. When the fire is on the lack of flue will mean cheaper running costs. They are very efficient, however are not suitable for all homes due to possible CO2 contamination. But many homes are suitable and you just need to ensure your flueless fire is installed properly to the strictest safety standards.

High Efficiency

These are glass-fronted, room-sealed gas heated appliances. This means that the combustion process all takes place all within an airtight chamber. No heat escapes and no fuel is wasted during the operation. A high efficiency conventional flue gas fire is connected directly to the cavity inside an existing chimney, so they already can fit in the usual place for a fire. Many homes that have existing fire places are now choosing to upgrade to a high efficiency gas fire because they have a very modern design. Renovated homes have these kinds of Gas Fires in Lincolnshire and the Wolds because they combine efficiency with sleek design. They use the air from the living room and draught from the chimney to produce a valuable energy savings, whilst still looking great behind the glass front.


An inset fireplace is a gas or wood burning fire that has been designed to be inserted directly into the cavity of a standard, Class 1 British chimney. They are usually the cheapest form of gas or wood fires, require little building conversion work, and installation can be completed in less than one day.

Making the Correct Choice

Whether you go for a balanced flue, flueless, high efficiency, or inset fire, you’ll need to make the right decision that is best for your home. You should have a chat with your local installer before finally choosing the gas fire for your home, as they’ll be able to best advise you about what is safe and most efficient. You’ll also want to consider the asthetics, and can choose from many different design styles to suit your interior. Ask your local installer for a range of options.

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