Checklist Of Items Every Newcastle Student Will Need


Newcastle is a city with a great deal of history, culture and entertainment on offer – and it’s also a place of study. If you’ve already booked your Newcastle student accommodation, then you’ll need to worry about assembling the necessary items before you move. Let’s consider a few of the most crucial things to remember before you get going. Bear in mind that this article is gender neutral – there are some things that girls will have to worry about more than guys, and vice versa.


Even in today’s digital world, it’s still a good idea to take physical copies of all of your paperwork with you – in case you need to refer to them. These would include any letters which confirm that you’ve been accepted into the university, and onto your course of choice. If you’ve taken out a student loan, then you should also bring along any documents relevant to it. You’ll also want to take along the terms, information and contract of your accommodation, and any contents insurance you might have taken out.

You’ll also want a form of identification – a passport is good, but your photo drivers licence is probably better. Some institutions, like doctor’s surgeries, might require both when you first sign up. It’s a good idea also to have a spare set of passport photos ready – four of them should cover all of the societies you might be thinking of joining.


As well as your photo driver’s licence, you’ll want a wallet that’s filled with the cards you need. To begin with, this might consist simply of your debit card, any credit cards you might have taken out, and your national insurance card, and any discount cards you might have picked up.


It’s almost inevitable that you’ll buy more clothes throughout your stay at university. But this probably isn’t something you’ll want to do out of necessity. You’ll therefore want to pack enough clothes to comfortably last a week. Ensure that you don’t miss out on any essentials – you’ll need casual clothes, formal clothes, gymwear, plenty of underwear, and a spare set of shoes.


You’ll need to supply your own bedsheets. Bring along a duvet that’s warm enough to get your through the winter, and another that’s sufficient to get you through the summer. It’s likely that you’ll get a double-bed at some point, and thus bringing along a duvet to match is crucial. If you’re based anywhere near the rowdier parts of the city, you’ll need earplugs – but even if you’re not, you might get unlucky and be placed next to someone who snores and plays music at all hours of the evening. Get yourself a good night’s sleep every time and plug your ears.


The last thing you want to happen when you first arrive is to realise that you need to share someone else’s towels. Bring your own, and in good supply – ideally you’ll want both a small one and a large one. Keep a well-stocked washbag, with your toothbrush, shower gel and makeup to hand. Bring along a spare toilet roll, too; you don’t want to be the one to run out of toilet roll and be stranded on the toilet on your first week.


If you’re on any prescription drugs, you’ll want to bring along a supply with you – along with the necessary prescription to get more when you need it. Other supplies, like contact lenses, inhalers and insulin should obviously be brought along as well. You’ll also want a pack or two of paracetamol to help take the edge off any headaches caused by the stress of moving in (or, more likely, the drinking that characterises fresher’s week).


If you’re going to be living alone for the first time, then you’ll want to take the opportunity to learn to cook. Ideally, you’ll want to find a cookery class within walking distance of your Newcastle student accommodation. Failing that, you can always teach yourself; just get together the necessary utensils. Surprisingly, a decent wok is amongst the most flexible pans you can get; it’ll fry, boil or poach almost anything – and it can be even used to deep fry things if you’re feeling sufficiently adventurous. You’ll also want a set of knives and a chopping board, a mug and a bowl to see you through the first week, and then pick up other items as and when you need them. If you’re investing in quality, then be sure that your housemates aren’t going to ruin your cutlery when you’re not looking.

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