Build the Perfect Office Setup at Your Home


The days when the mention of a ‘career’ could only conjure up mental images of a fastidious young man poring over a sky high shelf of documents in a cramped cubicle are quickly receding. In today’s age of globalisation entrepreneurship, freelancing and work flexibility, working at home is becoming not only the more popular but also a more viable option. Centennials are widely known to prefer the work at home arrangement whether it is to skip the hassle of commute, to achieve a better work to home life balance or to work without the stresses of the corporate environment hounding them. This rapidly spreading trend explains why the home office is becoming a staple in the residences of most working men or women.  

If you are one of these game-changers on the lookout for ways to create a productive home office, look no further. Your main objective while creating your work space must be to optimise on space and comfort while keeping distractions at bay. Here are some ways to achieve these goals using the resources at hand.

Innovative Storage

Unless the residence is built keeping a home office in mind, most people will only have a limited space to turn into a work area. It is vital to utilize every inch of the space you can spare to its highest potential while keeping the importance of organisation in mind. Keep all your essentials and stationery uncluttered in shelves that do not take up a lot of your floor space. Options such as floating shelves, corner shelves, under the desk and compartments are the practical choice. Your desk, being the central component of your workspace calls for a good deal of thought. Assessing dimensions of the equipment that it has to accommodate before zeroing in on a model is advisable. Good computer tables from Urban Ladder and similar sites can be purchased within your budget and will be delivered at your door steps.


Adding personality to your workspace is just as important as optimization. Integrate your hobbies into the décor of your home office to add some energy into the space. Putting up sober posters revolving around a personal interest such as music or automobiles or adding a homemade crafts project or house plants on a shelf or table will help to break the monotony of the workspace paraphernalia. If your layout allows for some extra space, adding a comfort zone with a small couch or coffee table could provide a space for unwinding during small breaks without the distraction held by the rest of your home.

Ergonomic Principles

Keeping ergonomic rules in mind while designing a workspace is critical for the mental and physical health of the worker. Rules like keeping the top of a screen at eye level are to be stringently followed. Purchasing the appropriate desk and chair are integral to these principles.  Comfortable work chairs and good tables from Urban Ladder and similar sites can be browsed through.

Audio Control

Another important factor in creating a good work environment is blocking out any distracting sounds that might emanate from the rest of your home. While creating a sound-proof room might be an expensive affair, small tweaks can save you the money. Having a small water fountain near any persistent sound source is one of the most effective methods. Alternatively, having an independent sound system for your workspace to override any external distractions is also a good solution. Several work-playlists conducive to focusing on work are available online.

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