Benefits of keeping fish tanks in your office


There are numerous companies around the globe who take measures to assure that their employees are working at their peak productivity levels. They are always on the hunt for products that will make the working environment healthy and help them in getting the most from their workers. If you are also among such businesses, we recommend you to keep some fish tanks around. Here, we will discuss the benefits that these titan aquatic exhibits bring to you.

Stress reduction

According to scientific studies, aquarium possesses the ability to reduce the level of stress and anxiety on the mind of a person. Going into more detail, the sound that we hear from the waves of the ocean, from the rain storms, and the ones that come from running streams, all have a very gentle and relaxing effect on us. The soothing effect coming from these tanks is highly helpful in conditions where stress levels tend to get high such as workplaces and offices. So, it is suggested by studies to install the aquariums in executive offices and work environments.

Lowering the blood pressure and heart rate

A study was conducted by the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University, and the University of Exeter. In it, the researchers came to a conclusion that when a person stares at a swimming fish, his blood pressure starts to come down. It reduces the heart rate from around 3% in people who simply see water in fish tanks to as much as 7% or even more in the individuals that stare at moving fishes. So, the ultimate conclusion was that adding these underwater conditions to an environment i.e. aquariums will have a positive impact on overall health of individuals around.

Therapeutic effects

There is a strong chance that you might have seen a fish aquarium in a hospital or at a clinic when you went to visit a dentist. Why are they placed on such locations? Well, the fish aquariums are known to have therapeutic effects on a person. These objects are placed in such locations so that the patients can calm down and relax. There are instances when you are aware of what kind of treatment you will be receiving and it has a horrific impact on a person because he can’t help but imagine the pain that he or she will be going through after a while. So, when the patients get such tanks around, the thought is taken away from their mind and it helps in calming them.

Positive impact on Alzheimer’s patients

People suffering from Alzheimer’s, when fish tanks are placed around, tend to have improved habits. If you put up brightly colored fish in the aquarium and put it in the surroundings, these individuals will have improved behavior and better eating habits.

So, take a look at the tanks at titan aquatic exhibits and order one today. Make sure that you know your requirements and all the nitty gritty details about aquarium when choosing a fish tank.

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