Be Responsible and Recycle Your Waste Properly


A number of companies offer skip hire facilities, but what if you want to recycle or shred items yourself to save on skip space and ensure that you get more in there and therefore get more bang for your buck. Well, currently getting the right equipment to do this is possible and what’s more it is affordable. If you recently haven’t priced this kind of equipment you will be in for quite a shock because even though it is highly efficient, it is massively expensive to buy. Help is at hand in the form of firms that will hire the equipment to you.

Location, Location, Location.

Where can I find recycling equipment hire in Stoke on Trent I hear you say. A number of skip bin hire companies now offer this service and it is available throughout the area and also in the Newcastle-under-Lyme  area.  They offer excellent skip hire facilities, but also shredders and other specialised equipment for everyday and heavy use. It is maintained regularly to insure that it works every time all the time.

Which Equipment is Suitable.

Equipment to look out for would be their High Speed Doppstadt AK430 shredders for really heavy use and the Slow Speed Doppstadt DW3080 which you would use to shred wood products, greenery and a mixture of these. The later machine would be perfect for landscape gardeners who accrue large amounts of garden waste and wish to dispose of it with the minimum of fuss. Once you shred your materials, a Terex Dumper would be an excellent choice to move the now shredded waste to wherever you want it.

Reliable Service.

These specialised firms just don’t have one of each of these recycling machines, but a number of them. There is nothing worse than trying to hire something and they don’t have one available and then they tell you to call back in a week. That kind of service isn’t good enough, so make sure you hire from a company that keep an extensive range of their equipment, so that when you want to hire something, they can guarantee that it is going to arrive and arrive at a time that is best for you.

One Stop Service.

‘Time is money’ as they say and recycling your own waste takes time and effort. However, having to transport it to a suitable waste facility for further processing is another issue entirely. Thankfully, these hire firms now take away your recycled waste as well and all it takes is a phone call. This waste is taking up valuable space on your property and so it makes sense to get it hauled away by a company who are flexible in this regard and offer a level of professional service that is second to none. They offer their services to all, from construction companies to healthcare companies, and they have it covered.

Hiring recycling machinery has never been easier and if you are an eco-friendly type of person or business, then this is a service that you can and should use. Insist on a reliable, professional company who are both dependable and affordable. Give them a call today for all of your waste needs, you won’t be disappointed.

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