Asbestos Continues to Be a Threat to Health in the UK


You might think that asbestos is a recently-used construction material that is now a threat to people’s health. However, asbestos was used in ancient times. For example, ancient Romans used asbestos-made napkins and tablecloths whilst the eternal flames of ancient Greeks contained asbestos wicks. Asbestos has also been discovered in stone-age pottery.

However, asbestos is an insidious material that can cause the development of lung cancer and mesothelioma. Therefore, it must be removed immediately if it is found in regularly-used dwellings. Asbestos is normally found in older homes as its use has since been banned in the building industry.

Areas in the Home Where Asbestos Is Normally Found

Some of the areas where emergency asbestos removal services in Tonbridge are required are the following:

  • Exterior surfaces such as shingles and roof felt, cement asbestos undersheeting, or board siding. The material can also be found in old window putty.
  • Insulation such as vermiculite or batt insulation.
  • Old vinyl flooring.
  • Interior surfaces such as textured paint.
  • Boilers, heating, or piping such as door gaskets, duct lining, or wall linings.
  • Electrical equipment such as wiring insulation, fuse boxes, recessed lighting, and outlets.

Other Items That Can Contain Asbestos

The material can also be found in fireplace logs and appliances such as heat reflectors, clothes dryers, range hoods, and refrigerators. Therefore, asbestos can be found in a home in items that are not considered building products as well.

If you have an older home, contact an asbestos removal company for an inspection. Make sure that you play it safe by having your home checked and remediation scheduled to get rid of the material.

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