Art of the Home


There are a countless number of sayings summing up how vital our homes to us, topping the list of things of utmost importance, alongside friends and family. Adages such as: “Home is where the heart is,” “An Englishman’s home is his castle,” “A home away from home,” and a raft of other aphorisms impress upon us how the home takes front and centre of our focus. Even as children, we often draw an idealised version of a house; complete with picket fences, four sash windows and smoke gently curling from a chimney.

Stay At Home Statement

Everyone loves to get home, kick off your shoes and melt into the embrace of a comfy sofa; home should be a sanctuary, but it can also equal many other things. Some of us just use our homes as a place to crash, either out on the sofa before the TV to indulge in a box set binge; or as a forever home where a married couple settles down to build a family in a perfect home to settle into, growing old and grey together. As the needs of house differ, so does the wish to design a house’s interior to suit the varied tastes of the varied people who live in houses.

A Palette in your Postcode

Strong colours, minimalist lines and shapes, maybe a taste for the vintage? Perhaps you are the kind of person that has a feature wall? Or are you the type that covers your house’s walls with framed pictures or rows of bookshelves lining the walls, or even one with a penchant for making a statement? Designing a living space is a meticulous process of making every area of a house match your tastes. Thinking of a living room depends on what your mind’s eye evokes; which could result in thinking up a stately stylised drawing room of leather armchairs. Alternatively, it could be a retreat of warm colours that lets you snuggle up with a room perfectly tailored with interior design in Tunbridge Wells.

Home Comforts

Lounge away the days in your perfect fitted living room, or to stun guests with an elegantly chic dining room, or turn a man cave into a study worthy of a high-flying city banker. Or do you fancy a total revamp of the kitchen, often viewed as the heart of the home? Style the kitchen with some high tech, minimalist units that celebrate the art of true culinary function or go the entirely opposite way, creating a space that resembles the perfect rustic area that captures the homely delights of traditional kitchens blended effortlessly with modern technology, then all of this can be yours.

Place your trust into the hands of experts who are just as invested in creating your house as a perfect fit for you as you are; alongside designers and collections selected in such a way that they appear to know what you want from your home’s decor better than you do!

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