Are You Interested To Get Your Carpet Cleaned At Home?


Most of us are using our vacuum cleaner to clean our carpet to remove the dust and bacteria settled within the carpet layers. However, that may not be enough to maintain our carpet and occasionally we can get our mats serviced at home by the professional cleaning service providers, particularly if we have young kids and pets at our house.

If I call any carpet cleaners near me, then what are the things that I can expect from them? Following are the list of things that they can do for us.

  1. Provide estimation after seeing the carpet condition

Once we call any carpet cleaning service provider, they will send their man to check our carpet and its condition. They will also take the measurements and offer their price. So we must avoid hiring those service providers who give their estimation without inspecting the carpet.

  1. Extra charges will be charged for removing furniture

If we ask the carpet cleaners to remove our furniture, then they will charge for that too. So, it is better to do that on our own.

  1. Dry vacuuming

They will start their cleaning with dry vacuum cleaning which is also essential.

  1. Use only eco friendly products

Any good company will use eco friendly products for cleaning, which is safe for our kids and pets. However, some cheap service providers may not use it, and hence we must ask this question before hiring them.

  1. Removal of Mould and stain

After dry vacuuming, the cleaner will remove moulds and stains that are present in the surface of the carpet. Their charges are also based on how many stains and moulds present in the carpet.

  1. Wrinkles removal

The wrinkles that may have appeared due to the placement of heavy furniture sets on the carpets will be completely removed. After that, all the fibres will be cleaned thoroughly.

  1. Check for any odour or stain

After this operation, we need to check the carpet thoroughly to see if there is any stain left in the carpet. Also check for odour. In case the same is found then they will work again.

  1. Guarantee

Every professional carpet cleaner will provide guarantee of our satisfaction.

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