All You Need to Know about Wall Decorations


Have you ever entered a room with unique wall decorations? Most probably, you have. A house with unique decorations possesses a unique kind of serene aura that comes upon someone once he or she steps in such a house.  Wall décor is any form of artistic decoration made on walls of a buildings, offices, and homes. The decorations make the home or the office look splendid in appearance. Often the wall décor speaks volumes about the homeowner to their visitors.

It is important to note that the wall decorations have a particular purpose to serve. The artwork includes photos, images, texts and any other that may complement the beauty of your home. The wall decorations are not similar. You can design the wall art decor on a different platform and later hang it on the wall while in some instances; you can have someone design them directly on the wall.

Below are different wall decors that can transform the rooms in your home.

Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings are beautiful artwork that you can hang on the wall.  They come in different designs and shapes. They also come in various customized sizes. In most cases, the subject matter of the wall hangings is human images, animal, and objects. Moreover, some bear scenic images such as mountains, falls, caves and other more. Wall hanging is among the cheapest wall decorations you can access online.

Oil Paintings

Oil painting is an excellent form of wall décor.  A few decades ago, in ancient Roman and Egyptian civilization, oil painting was the only type of wall décor available. People used oil paintings for all of their wall art needs.  However, people still use it up to date. Together with some other materials, oil paint creates stunning images and decorations. In many homes and offices, the oil paintings appear on the wall.   The paint blends with different wall colors. In addition, when there is light, the ornament glows amazingly.


Tapestries are delightful wall décor options. These tapestries décor often display past events.  An example of Tapestries décor is the famous Bayeux Tapestry that depicts the Norman conquest of England. Typically, the artist uses unique fabric materials when designing Tapestries. You can hung these wall decors on the wall giving the room a classic and somber feeling.

Canvas Art

The word canvas refers to heavy textile fabric material used in creating all forms of artwork. Occasionally, the canvas art seems like a replica of the artwork of renowned old artists.  For example, the work of the great Dutch artist, Van Gogh who died a long time ago still exists, and people reproduce it on canvas platforms.  Today, artists produce diverse kind of creative canvas artworks bearing images such as flowers, objects, sceneries and many more.

Vinyl wall décor

Vinyl décor is the hottest wall décor today.  It is the fastest as well as the easiest way to embellish your house without going over your budget.  The Vinyl wall décor involves a pre-spaced computer cut sticker that you can apply to the wall easily.  You only require sticking it on the wall with a backing tape on the graphics and rubbing it down. After two minutes, you peel the backing tape off.  The most amazing fact about the Vinyl wall art is that it fits almost every surface.  You just need a hard, clean surface and it is going to give you a fantastic look.  Some people get nervous about this decor since it sticks to the wall, you do not have to, and you can easily erase the paint.  You can remove it without damaging your drywall.  If you live in a rental, this is the perfect wall décor for you. This is because this wall decor will not stress you when moving out.  All you have to do is just erase it.

In conclusion, having a wall decoration is an amazing way to display your artistic flare.  However, it does not have to be as expensive as people perceive it. All the above wall decors are affordable and can transform your house into a paradise you want. Never shy off from decorating your wall since people say it is difficult or expensive.

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