All You Need to Know About a Security Screen Door


If you haven’t heard about them yet, a security screen door is an enhanced type of screen door which offers all the advantages of a normal door, and also providing the peace of mind comfort of extra security for your home.

Manufactured from a combination of different materials, screen doors of this kind are typically just as much decorative as they are functional. When professionally fitted, these security screens will increase the security already provided by the presence of a solid front or back door, and a security system already in place.

Sturdiness is Thy Name

One of the choice features of designs that sets the Bunbury security screens apart from other screen door types s is the presence of a grille on the outside of the door. The grille is usually constructed from stainless steel, or some other sort of sturdy metal and makes it a deterrent to intruders because it is impossible for anyone to break through the screen mesh, much to the annoyance of any potential criminals.

As you may have already noticed, the grilles are ornamental and assist in enhancing the external appearance of the now more secure home. But, there are also other security door grilles which are designed more towards sheer practicality instead of visual looks; doors of this calibre are more likely to highlight a grille made up of a set of bars positioned close together.

Hinge Help

To fully assist with the sturdy grilles, a top quality security screen door is fitted with the advantage of extra hinges. This helps to make it even more possible for the door to ever be broken from the frame. And just like the grille, these special hinges are commonly made from galvanized metals to provide added strength and superb durability.

None Shall Pass!

The mesh which is put to use in security screen doors are different from those utilised in common door designs. Security mesh is typically manufactured from thicker strands, which makes the mesh that much harder to break through.

What this means is that even should someone somehow were able to bypass the grille’s security, it is going to take a huge amount of effort to cut through the mesh. This type of mesh is commonly riveted or clamped into place with strong hardware, whereas standard mesh is usually kept in place by the use of rubber or simple clasps.

Standing Firm and Protecting Your Home or Business

As one would naturally expect, one of these types of security screen door is going to be somewhat heavier than any standard type of screen doors. Prior to the installation of one of these doors, it will more than likely be necessary to strengthen the framing around the entrance.

A number of modifications will also be required to accommodate the additional hinges, but at the end of the day, the degree of security provided by such doors will make all of the alterations, that much more worth the time and effort.

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