All about freestanding baths – A knowhow


Freestanding baths are the best way to bring modern design and luxury into the bathroom. They are considered as very unique and can give a visual refreshes into a bathroom. Today these are available in different finishes, styles, and sizes which help in creating fantasy bathrooms. Most of the freestanding bath is created with more depth to give extra relaxation and comfort. The main choice to make here is whether to choose a small freestanding bath or inset bath. This will depend on the available space. So, something that is more suitable should be selected based on the available space in the bathroom.

The traditional cast iron tubs use to be at the center of the bathroom. Most of the freestanding baths have got inspired by this and they look alike. Even though they come with lot of modern designs, most of them still come with traditional designs as well. They are rarely built into the wall rather they acquire the center of the bathroom. Inset baths are usually fixed to the wall.

A spa like visualization can be created using a large and luxurious freestanding baths. If the bathroom is well spaced then choosing a freestanding bath design is really a great choice. If arranged properly, with freestanding baths one can achieve a statement bathroom. If the bathroom is really small and shaped then freestanding baths are not a good choice and in this case one can go for corner baths. Both contemporary and traditional designs are available when it comes to freestanding baths. Because of their spacious designs they bring luxury both in design and to the bathroom. But one thing to keep in mind is that freestanding baths are really expensive compared to other baths. But if bringing luxury is the main intension then better to go for freestanding baths. In this case they are worth for the invested money.

Make a choice:

A small freestanding bath are the great choice if an individual wants to incorporate elegance into the bathroom. They are the best center piece in a bathroom. They give a luxurious soak after a stressful day.

Depending on the taste of an individual the material of the freestanding baths must be selected. Cast iron tubs are effective in heat retention but they are very heavy. The bath water will remain hot for longer period in cast iron tubs. When it comes to scratching these are more resistant. They are also resistance for fading and chipping. Resin or fiberglass is the next choice. They are really lighter. In these two cases installation will be very easy since they are lighter.

Freestanding baths are not in built. So they are really flexible. One can place them where ever they want it to be but, if it is placed in the center that will give the feeling of more space in the bathroom. Otherwise it can be placed in the position based on the convenience for cleaning. When it comes to renovation there will be task regarding floor and walls but if it is a bathroom having freestanding bath then there will be no work regarding the bath.

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