Affordable backyard swimming pools are within your reach


Backyard swimming pools are no longer a thing for the rich alone. The lowering costs due to affordability of materials and cheap labor have made it possible for practically anyone with a sizeable backyard to have a family pool installed. The increase in standard of living has also contributed to this shift in attitude towards swimming pools.

Spoilt for choice

Earlier on, backyard pools were limited to two designs- an above ground circular pool and an in-ground rectangular pool. Advancements in pool building technology, especially the use of GRP and concrete, have made it possible for pool manufacturers to design custom shaped and sized pool to meet any individual’s requirement.

The cost of having a custom pool varies greatly, based on the location, the depth, the materials to be used and the size of the pool itself. However, the costs of having a custom pool installed have reduced greatly and such factors hardly make a change in the overall cost.


Pool maintenance is a tedious job, which also drains you of your monetary resources significantly. Thus, investing in the right pool accessories can help prevent frequent maintenance and repair works easily. A leaf cover, for example is an excellent way to keep dead and dried leaves and other objects from falling into the pool. Instead of spending time raking up the leaves every day, you can just sweep them off the pool cover easily.

You can also opt to install a variety of other accessories such as pool heating, lighting, dehumidifiers, swimming machines, etc. based on your requirements.

A show off

A pool is a great way to bond with friends and family. A pool party is a wonderful way to give your friends and family a treat on your special days such as anniversaries, birthdays etc. Having a pool in the backyard also improves upon the intrinsic value of the house, and adds to its price on the housing market.

Pool maintenance

The only downside to owning a pool is the maintenance involved. You will have to periodically change the water and ensure that the pH and chlorine levels are at optimal levels to ensure that the pool is safe for use. Knowing how to keep your pool safe and clean becomes easy if you invest time in cleaning it at timely intervals.

We help you to install the best in class backyard swimming pools in WA. Our expert assistance assures you of a well-designed pool that is sure to be a lot of fun to have at your backyard. Get in touch with our backyard pool installation and maintenance experts at the earliest; you would not want to miss out on any more fun, right?

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