A Solution for a Weak Shower


Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to take a long, invigorating shower and only getting a trickle from the shower head. This is usually the result of low water pressure in the house. Increasing water pressure is not impossible and there are many ways to do this.

One way is to install a shower pump. What is a shower pump? It is an electric pump that regulates the water pressure to provide steady pressure and water flow into your shower. There are different types of pumps as there are different types of water systems. Make sure you have the correct shower pump for your home water system.

Shower pumps can be single or twin impeller or rotor. The single impeller model is usually used if the water pressure is not that low. It is a basic shower pump and the least expensive. The twin impeller model is the more current type of shower pump. This pump has two valves to regulate both hot and cold water pressure. Some models have extra options like automatic shut offs to prevent scalding.

The house water system has to be the water tank storage system. The shower pumps cannot be used if the water system is mains fed. It is important to follow the instructions on the installation of the shower pump to prevent damage to other elements in the home’s operation. There will be an increase of your electric and water bill obviously dependent upon the number of showers taken in the month.

The cost of a shower pump such as the negative head shower pumps from www.anchorpumps.com can range from £50 up to £250 or more depending on the bar pressure rating and options of the pump. This is a DIY project but a professional can be hired to do the installation if you are not comfortable with the installation process. This is sometimes offered by the pump supplier. Here is another reason to do your homework on whether your needs can be met within your budget for this project.

A shower pump can give you the hot, stimulating shower everyone needs after a long, hard day of work or play.

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