A Detail Guide To Landscaping And The Benefits That Accrue From It


Landscaping is a practice that people have been following for centuries. During the ancient days, people manipulated the land both for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. The idea of landscaping involves construction of different structures, addition of more plants and alterations in the existing terrain. Modern day landscaping refers to planning, construction and laying out of gardens which enhance the space around your house for outdoor activities.

Landscaping Process:

The process of landscaping is a combination of both art and science. Landscaping services offered by professionals who have excellent knowledge in horticulture and are well-versed with the landscaping designs, help to give a new look to your property. The procedure involves two steps- a design and the construction phase.

Landscape Design Styles:

  • Mediterranean Style: This design style is becoming popular in many parts of the world. New varieties of palm trees and Mediterranean plants are used in this theme which are suitable in multiple types of climate.
  • Cottage Gardens: These gardens were originally made for growing crops. However, with the passage of time, the appearance has undergone a lot of change. Nowadays, this flower garden makes room for herbs, kitchen and vegetable gardens.
  • Japanese Garden Style: This style looks very elegant when done on the backyard of your home.
  • Tropical Landscape Design: The plants grown here have large leaves and the flowering plants have rich bright colour. Thick foliage is placed at the back of the planting beds which gives a dense tropical look to the garden.
  • Formal Gardens: This design mainly has geometrical shapes and straight lines. Plants are placed in order and pruned continuously for maintenance.

These are just a few types and the list is unending. The experts offering landscaping services cater you with more innovative design ideas.

Benefits Of Well-Managed Landscapes:

  • Natural Coolants: As compared to cement or asphalt, grass is much cooler. It offers an air conditioning effect to the surrounding area. The trees that shade the homes reduce the attic temperature by 40 degrees.
  • Water Protectors: Healthy lawns help to absorb the unhealthy runoff which otherwise filter into other water bodies.
  • Environmental Cleaners: Grasses play an important role in capturing smoke particles, dust and other pollutants and also produces oxygen.
  • Minimizes Noise: Plants are also known to reduce noise pollution by 20 to 30 percent over surfaces like pavement and concrete.
  • Air Cleaners: A lawn produces enough oxygen for your whole family. They absorb carbon dioxide and break it into carbon and oxygen.

Other Benefits Of Landscaping:

  • Increases the value of your home.
  • Reduces the heating and cooling costs for the property.
  • Helps to create a beautiful environment for an active lifestyle and to reduce stress levels.
  • Offers a green buffer zone which increases the livability of the entire community.
  • Studies have shown that offices which have a high-quality landscape earn higher incomes than the others.

Summary: Thus, landscaping involves construction of patio covers, fences, raised planters and several other built features. Choose to add edible, ornamental and native landscaping plants which can give that artistic look to your surroundings.

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