A Bunch of Great Tips for Removal when you’re Changing Homes


Moving can be one big old task, and as most people would prefer any kind of big task to be as easy as possible, here’s a few things for your consideration to just bring that about:

  • Ensure to book your removalists well in advance to be fully guaranteed the company will be available for your big moving day.
  • Begin packing much earlier than you believe you will need – you will be surprised just how much time it will take to pack things up and you don’t want the removal team to be hanging around for you to finish boxing things up, do you?
  • Let your removal company know of any likely changes to your moving time and date. The more in the loop they are, the more chance there is that they will be able to work around any issues that may arise – and should you have to cancel them on the big day, you may incur a full days costs to cover their time.
  • If you’re moving a lot of possessions, ask the removal company to visit your home for an inspection (don’t simply rely on email or telephone chat).
  • Most removalists in Melbourne work standard hours, so just ask to make sure what will happen if you happen go over that time period– are there any penalty costs?
  • Let your neighbours know that a removal vehicle will be arriving and parked outside of your home on the day.
  • Think about access – will you need to bring down furniture to get it through doorways or down stairs?
  • Make a point to not overfill boxes and make them too heavy to carry books always happen to do this when it comes to weight load – so try packing them in smaller sized boxes instead.
  • Also, under filling boxes can be a problem, as they sometimes just fold up if stacked under heavier loads. Try to get the perfect balance and label or mark any fragile boxes properly so that the removalists are well aware of what’s inside.
  • If your move is being made in an inner city area, keep someone near the vehicle to make sure that all of your possessions are being watched over. You might be surprised how long it can take to carry items out to the removal vehicle, and an unsecured partly loaded truck, just might prove to be too tempting for opportunistic criminals.
  • Ask the removal team for some blankets to protect furniture from any kind of scratching during transportation from A to B.
  • Make sure you have that lifesaving kettle within easy reach to make some hot drinks (until the final farewell). Also, have some bottled drinks and snacks handy to keep you and your removal team hydrated and fresh.
  • After the vehicle is fully loaded up, take a walk around the home to ensure everything has been moved and nothing has been left behind. (Don’t forget to say goodbye!)


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