8 Blissful Rakhi-themed Decoration Ideas for Your Room


Rakshabandhan is a special day for brothers and sisters. On this day, the sibling bond gains a new meaning as sisters’ tie Rakhi to their brothers, and the event is celebrated in a grand manner. Those who stay abroad and cannot meet their brothers in person can send Rakhi to India along with other gift items such as chocolates, sweets, cakes etc. There are many interesting ways you can rejoice on this occasion, including revamping your room with Rakhi-themed decor items and ideas.

Decorating a house according to the theme of an occasion is what many choose. With guests and family members pouring in your house on Rakshabandhan, you need to be moreover careful about the decor elements in your room. We can make the task easier for you by suggesting few ideas about decorating your house on this Rakhi.

Below mentioned are ways you can give a Rakshabandhan-themed makeover to your room and home.

  1. Rakhi Thali: There are several ways to decorate the Rakhi Thali placed in your room. Choose a round-shaped thali made from brass or steel. You can even choose a leaf-made thali. The thali should contain roli, ganga jal, traditional diya, tika, uncooked rice grains, lighted incense sticks, sweets, and sandalwood paste. Draw a swastika symbol in the middle of the thali.
  2. Rangoli: You can draw out a huge Rakhi with rangoli colours for your room. Use natural elements such as leaves, petals, and bamboo grass for the rangoli to give a natural-look to the surroundings. These days, floral rangolis are quite popular. You can even order exotic flowers and petals from Aryan Florist for the special Rakhi Rangoli. Add different colours and diyas to pep up the Rakhi-themed Rangoli.
  3. Sibling Figurines: Get quirky sibling-themed figurines that denote the different stages of brother and sister bond. For example, figurines representing brother teasing the sister, brother gifting to sister, the sister giving head massage to her brother, etc. Such figurines can be added on mantel or window space.
  4. Wall Hangings: Special Rakhi-themed wall-hangings are available these days. These wall-hangings depict the familial bond or the bond between sisters and brothers. If you know to quilt, then you can also make a Rakhi-themed wall hanging yourself to decorate the walls in your room.
  5. Painted Earthen Pots: Purchase few earthen pots and paint on them yourself. Painted earthen pots give an ethereal look to the surroundings. In fact earthen pots have a religious significance such as Lord Krishna breaking the earthen pot for Dahi etc. For Rakshabandhan you can use brightly painted pots to decorate your room.
  6. Blackboard Decoration: Get a medium-sized blackboard and write greetings for your sibling on it. Draw geometric or floral patterns around the corner to make the quote seem more attractive. Blackboard decoration is inexpensive and a simple way of renovating your room this Rakshabandhan.
  7. Chocolate and Laddoo Decor: Make idols of the Gods you worship from laddoo and chocolate. Place it as centrepiece in your room. This way, you not only bring a disruptive look to the room, but can even use the idol for aarti and later distribute it as sweet to family members.
  8. Repurpose Old Rakhis: Every year after the Rakhi tying ceremony you may keep the Rakhi safe, but you can use these old Rakhis better by repurposing them as decorative items to highlight your room this Rakshabandhan. You can make a greeting card and paste the old Rakhis in attractive patterns. Many even tie old Rakhis around vases and pots in the room.

We hope the above-mentioned tips to decorate your room this Rakshabandhan helps you to redefine your house. You may even send Rakhi along with some of these decorative items to your siblings on the occasion and pleasantly surprise them. You can also visit Aryan florist for best rakhi gifts at https://www.aryanflorist.com/rakhi-special/

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