6 Necessities for Every Home Laundry Room


A home laundry room is not a luxury, but an expectation for every house, condo, apartment, and other dwellings. The convenience of being able to care for clothing and accessories in the comfort of your home cannot be discounted. Therefore, it’s important to stock your home laundry room with 6 necessities, like a state-of-the-art electric dryer, and so much more. Whether you are moving into a new home or have the budget to renovate your current home, be sure to refer to these 6 items as a must-have checklist.

Washing Machine

A good washing machine by a respected brand like Kenmore or Amana will offer high-efficiency washing that extends the life of your clothing. Find a washer that can also handle sheets, towels, tablecloths, and other washable fabrics.

Electric Dryer

Dryers should be efficient and offer multiple control settings to prevent clothing damage. Cheap and outdated dryers can fade, shrink, or warp clothing and other fabrics. You can find a good electric dryer for sale online by a top brand like Whirlpool.

Hanging Racks

Delicates like black clothing and satin that must hang out to dry need a designated rack. This is also a convenient place to keep clothing that needs to go out to the dry cleaner.

A Sink

Wash out stains, care for shoes and other accessories, and so much more in a laundry room sink. Build a sink with a large basin and adjustable faucet head for convenient clothing care.

Ironing Station

Dryers can eliminate wrinkles, but sensitive materials that must air dry should be ironed for a neat appearance. An iron, ironing board, and an additional hanging rack are essentials.

Washer/Dryer Pedestal

Pedestals provide easy access to appliances without the need to stoop over or drop clothing. They also double as storage bins. You can find washer/dryer pedestals from most appliance outlets.

Be sure to stock up your home laundry facility with these 6 features. The best place to find appliances like a washer and electric dryer is through an online outlet. When you shop for laundry room appliances online, you’ll find a wide selection at great prices that can be shipped virtually anywhere. If your home does not have a laundry room, talk to a contractor about adding a convenient laundry facility into your kitchen, a walk-in closet, or a utility room. You’ll never have to visit the coin laundromat again, or pay a premium for a dry-cleaning shop to handle your washables.

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