5 Great Reasons to Buy a Robot Mower


Just like robot vacuum cleaners and having a robot take care of the carpets and floors for you, there’s so much to be said for having a robot take over your lawn maintenance duties. Robot mowers have improved greatly in efficiency the past few years and home and business owners throughout Northern Ireland and the UK are now kicking back while their new robot mowers keep their yards looking their best. If you have a yard that needs a good mow from time to time – usually quite often, as is the case for most of us – then there’s a good chance that you’d really like to get your hands on one.

If, however, you’re one of the few who’s not sure why a robot mower is the best thing since the bread slicer, here are five great reasons why you really should change your mind and invest in one.

One – Installing It Is Easy

The first robot mowers usually required the assistance of an expert to set up, but today’s versions are much more user-friendly and you won’t find it at all difficult to set up your new remote lawnmower in Northern Ireland or wherever in the UK you reside. Naturally, ease-of-installation is something that you will need to consider when shopping around for one to buy, but generally speaking, they are easy to set up and use.

Two – Lower Energy Consumption

As robot lawnmowers use batteries and consume far energy than conventional push or ride lawnmowers, they are much better for the environment as well as being more cost-effective to run. If you are looking for an affordable way to keep your lawn looking its very best, a remote mower really is the way to go. Lithium-ion batteries are used extensively, with this battery type the one to look for as it ensures low energy consumption while delivering a reliable performance, which is important.

Three – They’re Safe

In comparison to a traditional mower, robot mowers are very safe. Of course, you can’t let your children or pets play near the mower unattended, but these new-generation lawnmowers are packed with safety features and the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere near the moving blades if you don’t want to makes them even safer. Considering the number of tragic accidents that take place with traditional lawnmowers every year, investing in a robot mower is a safe choice.

Four – Robot Mowers are Quiet

The day that everyone has a remote lawnmower is the day that everyone can sleep in and enjoy their weekend mornings without the racket of lawns being mowed. Robot mowers emit very little noise, in fact, they’re about 50-60% quieter than a ride-on or push lawnmower.

Five – They’re Good for Lawns

And perhaps most importantly, robot mowers are great for lawns and help to keep them looking their best. One of the reasons for this is that they cut the grass into very fine pieces which helps to nourish the soil as a natural fertiliser.

With benefits like those, why wait any longer to get yourself a robot lawnmower to take care of the lawn?

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