5 Essential Services a Builder Would Outsource


The modern builder requires a long list of essential services in order to complete projects on time, and outsourcing is the only way this can be achieved. Aside from all of the materials and heavy equipment he might need, there are also health and safety concerns, which must be seen to prior to any work starting. The small builder would be a master at juggling his limited resources, and with perhaps several contracts on the go at any given time, his focus would be on keeping to the tight schedules. If you aren’t too familiar with the inner workings of modern day construction, here are just a few of the essential services a construction business might need.

  1. Plant Hire – Without access to heavy machinery, the work would never be finished on time. The list of essential items a builder might hire would include the following:
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Excavators
  • Cranes
  • Air Compressors
  • Generators
  • Specific power tools

There are other specific items a builder might need, and a reliable plant supplier would be an absolute essential for any builder.

  1. Temporary Fencing – This would be a necessary service for every contract, and with very strict building health and safety regulations, the entire perimeter would need to be fenced off. If you are managing a construction site in the UK, there are temporary fence panels in Yorkshire, and with affordable long or short term rates, safety will not be an issue.
  1. Building Materials – The necessary materials would need to be delivered to a very specific timeline, and with many workers waiting for the materials, and delay can be very costly. The local builder’s merchant would be the ideal person to supply a local builder, and by forging an alliance with an established and reliable supplier, all building materials can easily be ordered.
  1. Site Offices and Restrooms – Every building site must have these facilities, along with secure storerooms for tools and equipment, and there are hire companies that specialise in renting out site accommodation.
  1. Site Security – Once the working day has ended and all the workers have gone home, there needs to be sufficient security in place. There are many valuable items, and burglars often prefer to rob construction sites, as there is always valuable items and no one is present at nights, so for this reason, some kind of security presence is advised. A typical site might only require a security guard to pass by a few times during the night and check that all is well, while larger projects would have manned security around the clock.

All of the above would be available to a builder, and by forging partnerships with these providers, the builder can be assured of having access to whatever he needs to complete the project. Outsourcing enables even a small builder to bid for projects he would otherwise not be able to handle, and with the right people in his corner, the builder can deal with any situation.

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