5 common mistakes people make when buying a washing machine


Human beings always look for comfort. Technological gadgets and appliances facilitate accomplishing strenuous jobs at ease. For example, washing machines are beneficial in washing all types of clothes without the need of human involvement, thereby creating a comfort zone. But sometimes, the buyers can make mistakes while purchasing a washing machine.

The mistake can ruin your experience with the appliance in the long run. Therefore, it is crucial to consider certain aspects to avoid common mistakes when buying a washing machine. Check out the following points before proceeding with the purchase.

Lack of Research

The roadmap to purchasing the best washing machine is not as easy as it looks. Due to the availability of wide range of products in the market, it becomes important to analyze various prospects.

The procedure includes identifying desirable features and budget, reading reviews for specific products on various websites, considering brand reputation and reliability, and so on. After an extensive research, you will be able to identify the best prospects in the washing machine segment.

The Wrong Size and Capacity

When you visit a store or browse through the list of washing machines on online stores, you may get fascinated by the design and the plush features. But the main consideration is whether the size of the washing machine is optimum for your place or not. Check out the dimensions of the washing machine to assure that it fits in the bathroom or the allocated area for the machine.

The capacity of the appliance is another crucial factor. If you are an individual and you purchased an 8-kg capacity washing machine, you will regret your decision. A 5 kg washing machine is suitable for an individual. Therefore, consider washing machine capacity before purchasing a washing machine.

Ignoring Energy Ratings

If laundry is an everyday task in your home, you would prefer opting for an energy-efficient appliance. Use products that do not consume extensive electricity units. To avoid incurring hefty electricity costs, you should buy an energy-efficient washing machine.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) accredits appliances after careful considerations. The washing machines with 3-star or above ratings are suitable for you. These will deliver results as per user expectations without consuming too much electricity.

Restrained Budget

Often, it is seen that buyers are adamant on procuring products strictly as per their budget. While this seems to be a feasible concern, but you may end up in buying a washing machine that lacks certain features.

For example, if your budget allows you to buy a washing machine equipped with a washer and not a dryer, you may experience inconvenience. In this case, you can extend your budget to buy a washing machine equipped with a washer and a dryer.

Various online stores such as Amazon, Croma, Tata Cliq, Flipkart, and others assist you in adjusting your budget and filter desired features.  

After Sales Service

Some of the brands offer washing machines featuring high-end features at affordable rates. While this may intrigue most of the prospective buyers, it is not a favorable stance.

The relatively new brands have few service centers and therefore, you might not avail after sales services as per expectations. Moreover, you are not sure of the appliance’s performance. Opt for a washing machine manufactured by a reputed manufacturer.

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