4 considerations for patio covers before you purchase one


There are a lot of people that want patio covers to be installed in their homes. However, most of them are unaware of how to select the best ones for their house. Before you go out in the market and purchase the covering from reputable sites like royal covers, here are certain things that you should consider.


There are three primary styles of patio coverings available to you.

First one is pergolas which is a pick for people who look for traditional appearance. It will add classy look to your house and will make it pop.

The second style is lattice which is more of a modern choice to add up to the lavish style of your house. It comes in a number of different designs and you can vary is to match things with the outlook of your house.

Lastly, you have the solid patio covers that are great solution for overall protection. They are best all weather picks and come with appealing wooden finishing or embossed textures.


There are three main materials for patio covering.

First one is wood that provides you an appealing look. It comes in different color options and numerous grain textures. However, it is tough to maintain.

Second is vinyl which is easy to maintain. It won’t require repainting or sanding for a few years. However, it may appear inexpensive and has limited color and painting options.

Lastly, you have aluminum. It is tough and durable as well as lightweight. It is a low maintenance material that you can use for patio covers. However, you need to pick the best quality aluminum or else it can conduct heat which makes it tough to stand underneath aluminum coverings.


Color needs to be taken into consideration when choosing patios. Select one that match the shade of doors, windows, and flooring of your house. Keep in mind the fading issues as it will be exposed to sun. Choose lighter shades if you live in tough sunny conditions.

Open vs solid roof

Open roof allows more light to come in and will let you experience the breeze and surroundings in better way. However, it won’t protect you from rain or snow. The solid roof are closed ones and are better choice if you want to sit in and enjoy the rain and snow in your backyard.

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