A Solution for a Weak Shower

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to take a long, invigorating shower and only getting a trickle from the shower head. This is usually the result of low water pressure in the house. Increasing water pressure is not impossible and there are many ways to do this.

One way is to install a shower pump. What is a shower pump? It is an electric pump that regulates the water pressure to provide steady pressure and water flow into your shower. There are different types of pumps as there are different types of water systems. Make sure you have the correct shower pump for your home water system.

Shower pumps can be single or twin impeller or rotor. The single impeller model is usually used if the water pressure is not that low. It is a basic shower pump and the least expensive. The twin impeller model is the more current type of shower pump. This pump has two valves to regulate both hot and cold water pressure. Some models have extra options like automatic shut offs to prevent scalding.

The house water system has to be the water tank storage system. The shower pumps cannot be used if the water system is mains fed. It is important to follow the instructions on the installation of the shower pump to prevent damage to other elements in the home’s operation. There will be an increase of your electric and water bill obviously dependent upon the number of showers taken in the month.

The cost of a shower pump such as the negative head shower pumps from www.anchorpumps.com can range from £50 up to £250 or more depending on the bar pressure rating and options of the pump. This is a DIY project but a professional can be hired to do the installation if you are not comfortable with the installation process. This is sometimes offered by the pump supplier. Here is another reason to do your homework on whether your needs can be met within your budget for this project.

A shower pump can give you the hot, stimulating shower everyone needs after a long, hard day of work or play.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can help when it comes to relieving the short supply of storage in the bathroom. More storage is one of the most common reasons people remodel their bathrooms.

The first thing to decide is what different type or types of cabinets you want for your bathroom and what the sizes will be.

You will then want to think what materials you will want your bathroom cabinets to be made of and what the finish will be. It may be a rich mahogany wood finish, bright white or one of the many finishes in between.

Here are a few types of bathroom cabinets.

Vanity. A vanity can often be the focal point of the bathroom. It usually sets the tone for the room. It hides the plumbing and holds up the sink and countertop. As an extra bonus, it provides storage.

When you are shopping for a vanity, check out the different types of storage it has such as: divided and undivided drawers; adjustable or fixed shelving; a built-in hamper; roll-out shelves; and tip-out sink fronts.(Great for hair brushes) Click here for more on vanities.

Linen cabinet. A linen cabinet is narrow and tall. It takes advantage of the floor to ceiling space.

Medicine cabinet. It is a cabinet that is usually designed with a mirror on the door and is placed on the wall over the sink. It is either hung on the wall or recessed in the wall between two studs. This cabinet offers storage space beyond children?s reach and it is a space to store your small everyday items.

Wall cabinets. These cabinets are shallow cabinets and good for small spaces. They can be installed on any available wall space. The most popular place for installing them is over the toilet. The cabinets are typically 6? to 8? deep, 24? wide and 30? tall.

Functional & Fashionable Bathrooms

First and foremost a bathroom needs to be functional with all systems operational and safe; the bath cabinets should be secure, the sink should not leak and the floors should not be slippery. The basics are important but it’s also nice to have a bathroom which is attractive and relaxing to use – one featuring such niceties as bath seats and pillows, a handheld shower head or perhaps a hotel-quality towel warmer. All of these amenities can be had for less than the cost of even one night in a fancy hotel or resort, so why not invest in your home and improve your bathroom – you deserve it.

In terms of basics, experts recommend that the shower curtain and liner be replaced on an annual basis – this helps to prevent mold and mildew and can also update the look of a drab or dated bathroom. Floor rugs and bath mats should feature anti-skid backing for safety reasons and the addition of grab bars is a good idea if you have the time and the capabilities.

It does not require the assistance of a trained professional to install a handheld shower head – most can be installed by the average homeowner using ordinary household tools. A handheld shower head can make a big difference in your bathing experience – it makes it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children, and wash pets and even water plants. From a functional standpoint a handheld shower head is helpful for cleaning the tub and shower enclosure.

Another affordable amenity is a towel warmer or heated towel bar. There are counter top models along with freestanding floor units and wall mount versions.

A DIY Decor Idea to LED Candles

While candles add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home, those who have pets or small children may not get the pleasure of experiencing it. Candles pose a significant fire danger when lit inside the house, and small children or pets can increase the chance of a disaster. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that around 42 candle-caused fires are reported every day. Now there is a safe way to experience the charm of candles, without having to stress over them. Rechargeable LED candles are the perfect solution. Not only do they emit a beautiful soft glow, but they are safe to use around the house.

While there are many options in LED candle styles, you can choose the style that will look best in your décor, craft, or candleholder.

Votive Candles

Votive candles are a symbolic representation of keeping a vow or promise to someone or something. These candles are a popular choice at weddings, anniversaries, and other unity celebrations because of this meaning. Votive candles are also used in many restaurants as table centerpieces. LED votive candles pose no threat to customers, allowing restaurants to use them with confidence. LED votive candles come equipped with a remote dimmer, timer, and automatic shutoff.

Pillar Candles

These candles are popular to use during the holiday season. Many people love to strategically place their pillar candles in the windows of their homes and businesses. People are drawn to your business or home, by the soft, inviting glow of your LED candle.

They can also be used for that romantic candle-lit dinner. Since the light can be adjusted, you can set the right mood and atmosphere that you desire. Pillar candles will burn for hours, so you don’t have to worry about them flickering out.You also don’t have to stress about dripping wax or lit wicks. As pillar candles come in many different colors and styles, you will have fun choosing the perfect pattern for your home décor. Whether you choose the sparkling glitter candle, or the smooth style, your electric candle will bring beautiful light into your home.

Tealight Candles

Many people prefer to use battery operated tealight candles over the traditional style of candles. Not only are they able to change colors, but they last a long time. Battery operated tealights are perfect for using in various decorations and crafts, because of their small size. They can be slipped into a small holiday vase, or used in a hurricane lantern to light your front walk. Treatyourself to a bubble bath surrounded by strategically placed tealights.

While candles are used in a variety of settings, they are all used for the same purpose. They bring tranquility and serenity to the room. Spas use LED lights on a regular basis to clear the mind. They provide a calming atmosphere where their clients can unwind, and forget about their daily stress. With LED lights, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting burned, or knocking them over and starting a fire. They even come in scented varieties, infusing the room with sweet fragrances as well.

With all of the new innovations in candles, it’s hard not to fill your home with LED lights. They’re safe, beautiful, and affordable.

How to Make Your Own Home Emergency Kit

We all know that we should be ready for any type of emergency that might come knocking on our doorstep. Consequently, people are beginning to create home emergency kits to help them survive if something drastic should happen. To prepare for these types of emergencies, it is important for you to create your own emergency disaster kit to make sure you have everything you might need during an emergency. Below is a list of items that you should always make sure you have in your kit.

1. Always plan to have plenty of water. Make sure you plan for three gallons of water for every person and pet in the family.

2. You want to be sure you have enough food for the family. If you maintain a well-stocked refrigerator, you will not need to stock up on so many canned goods. On the first day you are without power, cook and eat any food in the refrigerator. The next day, cook foods from the freezer. Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed as long as you can without opening them to preserve foods. Make sure you pack a knife, fork and spoon in your kit. The knife will come in handy for many reasons during an emergency or time of survival.

3. If you have a landline telephone, make sure your phone plugs right into the telephone line and will not need electricity to make phone calls. If you operate on cell phone, find a solar charging option for your cell phone at a local electronics store.

4. Think about first aid and sanitation when you assemble your emergency kit. Pack some band aids, gauze, pain relievers and disinfectants in your kit. You can always take a first aid class at the local Red Cross to know how to handle medical emergencies. Wet wipes come in handy for keeping your body and hands cleaned. A knife can also be helpful first aid tool. You can check out knives form an authorized Benchmade knife dealer.

5. You will probably need some type of light during an emergency situation. Pack some glow sticks or a kerosene lantern in your emergency kit. Be careful to follow directions when using kerosene. Check online or at local stores for solar lighting options as well.

6. Consider having some cash stashed away in your emergency kit in small denominations. Ask your doctor or your child’s doctor for an extra dose of any important medications for family members. Consider buying a tent to have in case an emergency occurs that makes your home unsafe.

By having an emergency kit prepared and an emergency plan organized for your family, you can make a true emergency seem less harmful. These are just some of the basics to get your emergency kit started. Always check with your local Red Cross and FEMA website for more emergency preparedness information.

Outdoor Furniture – Making the Wise Decision

Finding the right furniture or fixtures for your outdoors spaces could be very challenging. Getting the right furniture for your patio, porch or garden can be a little bit trickier compared to choosing indoor furnishings. This furniture should be able to withstand extreme temperatures and easy enough to maintain all year round.

The first thing to consider when buying outdoor temperature is the materials used for construction. Plastic and resin compounds for example are very sturdy and do not require constant upkeep or maintenance. One major concern when using plastic furniture is fading. There is also the issue of fading and staining. But quality plastic or resin furniture maybe more resilient to extreme sun exposure or changing weather conditions.

Some owner might not share the same enthusiasm when using plastic furniture. Although plastic furniture now comes in a myriad of colors or designs, homeowners searching for a more natural look may choose otherwise. Plastic furniture does not give the same natural feel as wood furniture. It often feels cheap and do not blend well with the natural elements.

Homeowners searching for a more natural feel could chose from hardwood benches, oak furniture or wicker chairs that are more stylish compared to resin based furniture. You could also opt for granite, brick or other hardwoods which feels more suited for outdoor spaces.

A major concern for any homeowner planning to use furniture constructed from natural materials is the constant maintenance required. Wood surfaces should be protected against harmful UV rays or water penetration. This requires wood to be sealed and protected. Storing them over the winter would also be an excellent idea but a little bit cumbersome.

One compromise would be to choose wood furniture that are light and could be stored easily when not in use or during extreme weather conditions. You could also use covers to protect your outdoor furniture. The great thing about using covers is the relative ease of using it. You could also wash or easily replace them when damaged.

When planning to add living spaces into your home by using your garden, porch or patio, it is important to remember that these should match your home’s overall design or theme. It makes the transformation more seamless and makes these spaces feel more like an extension of your inner home.

Bath & Shower Decor Ideas

It may seem like once the bathroom is built there is not a lot you can do with it in terms of decor but that’s really not the case – even a new bathroom mirror can make a difference in the look and feel of the room and there are plenty of bath and shower decor ideas that are easy, fast and fabulous.

The trend today is to create a spa-like environment in the bathroom and the simple addition of a teak shower or bath bench can make a big difference. A bench makes it easier to shave legs, shampoo hair while seated, soak your feet or just sit and relax in the shower. Teak benches are ideally suited for use in a bath or shower because teak is naturally water resistant; a teak bath or shower mat is another fashionable and very functional idea.

Another spa-like amenity is a towel warmer – you may have experienced them in a fine hotel or resort but now they are available for home use too. There are counter-top towel warmers along with freestanding floor units and wall mounted heated towel racks so there is bound to be one that is right for you. Typically the installation is minimal and can be done without calling in a tradesman.

A handheld shower head is another nice amenity – it makes it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets, water plants or focus the water spray precisely where you want it. Hand held shower heads are also useful for cleaning the tub or shower enclosure. They require only ordinary household tools to install so there’s no need to call a plumber to enjoy this most practical of spa-like amenities.

Four Modern Kitchen Appliances That Grandma Would’ve Killed For

Some people believe that housework is onerous now, but but it’s a breeze compared to what it was like many many years ago. The things that housewives or servants had to do to keep a household running was astonishingly labor intensive and sometimes downright dangerous. Cooking in or on a cast iron stove fueled by wood or coal comes to mind as does spending all day hand washing laundry and hanging it up to line dry. Here are four of the many appliances that grandma would have killed for:

A Blender

What did people do before blenders were invented? What they did was spend scads of time mashing, whipping and stirring stuff. The blender has not quite completely replaced the cocktail shaker, but it can churn out lots and lots of margaritas and piña coladas in a short period of time. Not only is a modern blender powerful enough to make the smoothest smoothie or the most delightfully creamy cocktail, the best commercial blenders can also effortlessly crush ice, another labor intensive job that no one has to do anymore.

Don’t forget the even more convenient immersion blender, which can blend soups right in the pot with little fuss or clean up.

An Ice Maker

Speaking of ice, blocks of ice used to be stored in an ice house on the property and covered with sawdust to keep them frozen. If someone wanted ice, they needed to go out to the ice house and use an ice pick to chip off a piece or two. But even with the advent of refrigerators with freezers the water sometimes just doesn’t freeze fast enough nor can a typical freezer make enough ice for a party that lasted a long time. Moreover, going out to buy bagfuls of ice was inconvenient and could get expensive. Thus, the ice maker.

Washing Machine

Few appliances have saved more time and labor than the automatic washing machine. Instead of hands agitating water, detergent and clothes, which could take hours, the machine does this is in a matter of minutes. Then, the clothes are tossed into a dryer for another forty minutes. Nowadays, it seems the most burdensome part of laundry day is getting everyone in the family to put their dirty laundry in the hamper.

High Powered Microwave

Microwaves are another thing that make the homemaker’s life so much easier. Perfect for heating up hot beverages that have gone cold or popping popcorn in bags or drying out herbs or warming up leftovers for a quickie meal, they are an indispensable part of millions of households.

Kitchen Appliances – Convection Ovens

High end convection ovens offer many different convenient options for cooking foods quickly and to perfection. Once you have baked using a convection oven, odds are you will never want to use a regular oven again. They are capable of cooking and baking very rapidly and at much lower temperatures than conventional ovens. This means that you can not only cooks meals in record time but you can also conserve energy in process.

Convection ovens cook food by circulating the hot air within the oven. This allows for much more even heating than in a regular style oven. Using a convection oven you can bake a homemade pizza in fraction of the time it would normally take. Food cooked using a convection oven not only looks delicious but it tastes amazing too. When you are cooking and baking with a convection oven you must remember to cook the foods at a lower temperature and shorter length of time than conventional oven recipes call for.

Small high end convection ovens take up very little counter space and they are very versatile and energy efficient. When searching for the best one, you should look for a model that offers both a variety of features and an efficiently compact design. The best convection ovens have digital interfaces and timing functions that can help to make cooking with them a breeze. Another feature to be on the lookout for is an easy-to-clean design. High end convection ovens are often built with ease of cleaning in mind so they are very easy to disassemble and clean.

A true high end convection oven will offer many cooking options such as: baking, broiling, toasting, as well as convection. They will also have an easy to use interface that allows for different timing functions and settings. High end convection ovens combine ease of use with quality cooking capability and the convenience of shorter cooking times.

If you are searching for a small oven that can outperform the larger ones then a convection oven is just what you need.

Pet odor removal solutions, Federal Way

There are many people who are fond of their pet so much that, they don’t remember to restrict their funny pet from urinating around the house. As a result, odor from the urine reaches every corner in your home, making it difficult for you to breathe in the pungent smell.

There are many places from where one can get help for pet odor removal Federal Way, here are some steps:

In federal way there are many technicians to deal with such situation, they would firstly find out the spot required for cleaning.
In case they find the stain to be fresh then with the help of a paper towel, they will soak the urine.
For stronger stains, the technician will use chemicals to remove the stains or some of the biological pet stain stuffs.
After cleaning, they would use dry or even wet vacuum cleaning, depending on the requirements. Thorough washing would wash away the stains and odor.
At times few spots in the carpet or any corner in the house gets so spoiled with the urine from the pet that there is no alternative other than removing the carpet permanently.
For all such cases P.U.R.T is a useful product on which one can depend.
These are the some steps that can be taken for the removal of pet odor removal Federal Way.

A common question that comes into mind:

People wonder, why it is so hard to remove the stains and odor from the carpet. The reason is scientific in nature, because when a pet urinates in a carpet, the urine passes deep inside the carpet reaching the fibers of the carpet. Then the urine particle gets crystallized due to the surrounding atmosphere. Bacterial growth takes place. And then the pungent smell comes out, which is so dreadful that one would never forget that smell, if it comes into the nose.


P.U.R.T is the best product upon which you can rely for preventing the odor and stains easily. Apart from that systematic cleaning would also help to get rid of the odor and stains from your carpet.